Calling your Network Marketing leads 10 Prospecting Strategies

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Calling your Network Marketing leads: 10 Prospecting Strategies

When your network marketing leads have opted in for information on your site by giving you their name and phone number, you need to call them using good prospecting strategies, so you don’t let them sit in your autoresponder.

Remember that this is not cold calling. This is lead generation as its best, because they are already interested in what you have. As a matter of fact, they are expecting your call.

Here are few prospecting strategies to handle the first call to your lead.

1- Keep your call Short, Sweet, and Friendly

Your time is valuable, so keep it short and sweet. And when speaking to your leads make sure you come across as the friendly person that I’m sure you are. Being friendly is vital to attract people to your network marketing business.

2- Share, don’t Sell

Don’t try to sell your lead on this first call, but rather share your information with them. Ask them smart questions to make sure they are the right fit for your business.

3- Use your Own Story

Tell your leads your own story, because if they can relate they will love you for it and will want to know more about you and your business.

4- Listen more and Talk less

As a network marketer it’s vital that you develop good listening skills.

Listen more and talk less and you’ll be able to build instant rapport with people. People love it when they feel that they are dealing with someone who listens to them. This could mean the start of a great relationship.

5- Always use your Lead’s Name

It has been proven by experts that humans react favorably when someone talking to us is using our name. So use this hypnotic trick when calling your lead.

6- Use CRM

CRM goes for customer relationship manager. It could be a sheet where you take note of personal information that your lead give you, so you can use it the next time you speak to them. This is a very powerful tool

7- Use FORM if you dont know what FORM is please go check out the rest of this blog post by Clicking HERE

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