Buy MLM Leads | Yes or No?

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If you are reading this then you are wondering if you should buy MLM leads. Well, the short answer is no, you shouldn’t. There are several reasons why you should think again about going to buy MLM leads.

0:32 If You Buy MLM Leads, Will You Get a Better Quality Lead?
1:17 The Work-From-Home Mentality
1:32 How Many Others Are You Competing With When You Buy MLM Leads
3:01 What’s Better Than Buying MLM Leads
4:11 Click the link above to learn how to generate your own MLM leads.

One of the reasons is that when you buy MLM leads you will be wasting your time and your money. You will be wasting your time because these leads are not much better than getting a list of free leads. You will be calling these “leads” to tell them about your network marketing business but most of the people on the list don’t even know what they are looking for. A lot of these people want to work from home but they want a boss. They are expecting you to send them something each month that they send back to you. They most likely are not looking to become an entrepreneur and don’t want to own their own business.

You will be wasting you money when you buy MLM leads because these leads are not cheap. In some cases you will be spending on the low end per lead and it can go up from there. Also, the companies who sell these leads are a business. They are going to sell these names to lots of different people — not only to you. So the people on the other end of the phone have been called multiple times by other network marketers. Just think how you would feel if you keep getting called over and over and over again by people who want you to invest in something you really have no interest in? It would be pretty infuriating to say the least.

So what should you do then? How can you get away from the idea that you have to buy MLM leads to grow your business? Well, there are better ways to spend your time and money and the leads will come to you. That’s right. There is a system that will teach you exactly how to leverage the power of the internet through social media to bring laser targeted leads to you every single day.

This incredible system was specifically designed for network marketers and offers training and tools on attraction marketing so that people are coming to you and want to talk to you about your business. The training and tools offered in this system are taught by industry leaders who are six and seven figure a year earners.

So now that you know there is a better way than going online to buy MLM leads all you have to do is click the link to find out more. Once you click the link you will be taken to a free presentation that explains exactly how this lead generation system works and how it can help you grow your network marketing business. There is no need any longer to buy MLM leads because now you can generate your own leads — perfect and specific for you.

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