Buy MLM Leads Review: Is It Worth the Money?

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Buy MLM Leads Review
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Hello there, its Seb and in today’s video I am gonna do a review of buying MLM leads so I wanna just discuss, you know, a few pros and a few cons of actually doing this and because you are on this video maybe today because you are already in a network marketing company and you are looking for different ways to generate leads. Maybe you are struggling and maybe you have hit a point where, you know, you are really just trying anything or maybe you have been looking into different solutions and so what I wanna do is save you the trouble of trial and error and trying different things and then getting frustrated. I wanna just give you the goods, right, give you the information that you need in order to fast track your network marketing success. So here we go.

So one of the pros of buying MLM leads is, you can actually really get on the phone and so if you actually go and purchase a couple of hundred leads, you know, maybe you are not confident on the phone at the moment or maybe you are, but if you are watching this and you are not confident then one great way is just to practice calling people and by doing this, you just get there on the phone and just by having a extra experience, even if the leads aren’t that good the experience is invaluable so it could be worth it just for that alone.

Now some of the cons is, buying leads could be very expensive. It could be a big ongoing expenditure, though probably it is, you could say it is more convenient to buy leads and then you won’t have to spend time going out and generate them but I will cover lead generation in just a second and I’ll explain how simple it can be but it can be expensive. And the third problem is, a lot of these leads can be cold. Now there are some leads companies out there that do sell, not only do they sell old leads but they also sell lead lists to the same people . So, what that means is that marketing could be very ineffective if you are given a list of leads prospects that other people have already contacted or maybe it’s an old list so you have outdated information, you know, people move, change address, you know, etc. so just be very wary of that.

And now the final thing is it’s a duplication issue. You know, not everyone wants to go out there and call hundreds and hundreds of leads. You know there are so many other ways that you can do this so potentially it could be a duplication issue. Now, I’m not saying buying MLM leads doesn’t work. I know it does work for a lot of people but what I am saying it is not the only option and there are better ways of doing this rather than relying on buying leads.

So what I would recommend is creating your own leads. It’s really gonna give you the freedom that you need in your own business and the reason why is because not only will you have success by generating leads just because you have the best of quality of leads but you could also teach this to your team so that they have success too. You know, if you are buying leads, the problem is if the lead company you are buying from, you know, goes out of business so, you know, the quality of the lead slips then you and your team could suffer but if you learn how to generate leads, that is a skill set that you have for life and your team has as well.

So if you want some information on generating your own leads, I’ve got some great news for you. If you go to the link in the video description box there is actually a ten step guide on generating leads. I am going to give you 10 free leads and tips. What we do is just click the link somewhere around the video and you can access that training for free. So it’s been Seb, hope you enjoyed the buy MLM leads review training today. I would love to know your feedback and I will see you on the next video.

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