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If you are a member of an MLM, or Network Marketing company, the toughest task you can face is searching for new leads.

You may have been told initially to make a (warm) list of colleagues, friends and family members so you can introduce your product or service to someone who may be more receptive, and easier to talk to. But what happens when that list runs out, or you are reluctant to call or talk to someone face to face?

The biggest challenge, and coincidentally the big opportunity, is to look online for those leads. And there’s nothing better, or more cost-effective, than by blogging for MLM leads.

Before the joys of the internet, most folks working in the network marketing industry would use offline strategies that had been tried and tested. That is, they would pay for classified ads in the newspaper, print up some postcards to leave in coffee shops, or simply make countless cold calls to generate their leads. The objective being to invite someone to a presentation or meeting to better explain the business.

Don’t get me wrong, these methods can be still effective, but the costs in time and money make them relatively ineffective against using online strategies that cost next to nothing in comparison.

Blogging for MLM leads is effective on so many levels. The small amount of effort required to write something similar to what you are reading now, can be posted online and read by so many. It’s not limited by the number of calls you make or postcards you have printed, your worldwide audience potential is immense.

Secondly, Google loves blogs. So if you do it correctly using keywords and tags appropriate to what you are offering, and your blog has a linking strategy in place, then you can generate free traffic (visitors) simply by appearing high in Google’s organic search ranking. And don’t worry, this isn’t hard to do.

Go to – – to see a blogging system which not only has all the technical details covered for you, but also offers fantastic training to take your blog to the next step.

What’s essential with a blog is to make your readers take action. The trade-off from reading your content which is engaging and informative, is for them to leave their contact details (generally an email address) so you can build a list of likely prospects who are interested in your product or service.

But the key with any lead is in the follow-up. And once you have an email address, you have their invitation to send them a sequence of emails designed to take them further into developing a relationship with your product, and more importantly, with yourself.

Because you are dealing online with someone you don’t know or haven’t met, It’s critical you engage with your prospects so they can start to know, like and trust you. You can do this by injecting a little about yourself. Develop a story about how you got involved in the first place. What hardships did you have to overcome, or are still in the process of overcoming? Be upfront and honest, and this will shine through.

There are costs involved with blogging, especially if you use a system which has been tailor-made for generating leads. And the system I use to write my blogs is called the Empower Network. For a basic a month you get the whole set-up including hosting and a whole lot of training too.

And what’s more, you can also take advantage of the high authority that the Empower Network system has earned by ranking high in Google search.

Blogging for MLM leads has never been easier. But check out the video first and then hop in quick.

As you know, the key with anything is taking action. Make it work for you and the upside is limitless.

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