Best MLM Leads – What Is The Best MLM Leads Source?

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Best MLM Leads

All leads are not equal and you need to know what makes a lead valuable. People ask me all the time, what are the best MLM Leads that you can generate?

Here is a summary:

0:40 Generate your own and they will be the best mlm leads
3:38 Generate passive home business leads
5:30 Free mlm leads from youtube
6:43 Use free mlm tools online to get leads

The first thing to remember is that leads that you generate yourself are always the best type of lead. They know who you are and therefore will respond well when you follow up with email and phone calls. With purchased leads, it can feel a lot like cold calling which is never fun.


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The leads you generate should obviously be interested in your MLM Business or whatever your front end offer is. The leads need to be targeted. When you buy MLM leads, they may appear targeted but this can be deceptive. They have registered their interest in home business a decade ago, and since then, life has changed and so has their interest in an MLM Business.

Finally, the best MLM Leads will be passive and scalable. You shouldn’t have to trade time for money as you will always be working at your business growth. There will be little time to relax.

In terms of the methods to get these home business leads, here are 3 online methods.

Start a blog to produce content and achieve passive web traffic over time. This will allow you to get home business leads passively over time, even when you are sleeping. This is a powerful place to be.

You should also produce videos as part of your content strategy. Using YouTube, you can build an audience and some of them will become your lead. Videos convert very well.

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Best MLM Leads

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