Basic Principles of MLM Prospecting

network marketing The single most difficult and time consuming task for network marketers is getting home based business leads or network marketing leads. It is thus crucial that you understand and apply the best practices for MLM prospecting or sales prospecting in general. After you have mastered lead generation it is essential that you follow up and determine if those leads are prospects for your mlm or affiliate opportunity.
You do that through the process we call mlm prospecting.
MLM prospecting training can be broken into five steps as follows: Basic Principles, How To Defeat Fear of The Phone, The Process of MLM Prospecting Itself, Handling Objections and The MLM Prospecting Closing That Works.This video deals with the first of these, namely basic principles.

MLM prospecting is a numbers game so you must expose many of your hard earned leads to your opportunity. You must take a common sense approach to your mlm prospecting. Stay in control of the conversation. Ask questions and listen.You will become good at mlm prospecting if you keep it simple.

Multi-level marketing prospecting is a business activity. Like all business activities employ a disciplined daily method of operation. You need to track everything to determine how many MLM prospecting calls you have to make to get a yes. Don’t take the no’s personally. So that’s it for the basic principles.

Stay tuned for the next video in the series on mlm prospecting. If you want in-depth training on network marketing prospecting and network marketing strategies check out the website below right now. There you will find a free presentation that shows you how to solve the number 1 problem faced by all network marketers which is lack of lead flow and converting leads to sales. That’s where prospecting expertise comes in.

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