Attraction Marketing – The Key to Generating Leads for Network Marketers

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Attraction Marketing – The Key to Generating Leads for Network Marketers. Attraction Marketing is the best way to generate leads to grow your network marketing business.
If you are tired of chasing down your family and friends or talking to total strangers in the mall or while you are trying to enjoy dinner with your family then attraction marketing is the answer. If you are tired of looking around you to see who might be your next “victim” then attraction marketing is the answer. Imagine if it didn’t have to be this way. Imagine being able to put your product and your services and your network marketing opportunity in front of people who are actually searching for what you have to offer. Imagine having people excited to talk to you. Imagine being able to position yourself as a leader that prospects line up to follow. Remember, people join people but even more people join leaders.

1:10 When you see the leaders on stage they are selling their own products, they sell their own coaching, they have affiliate products and programs they sell, ebooks and mentoring. My Lead System Pro allows you to market like that and brand you first.

1:29 Even if you are brand new and never made a dime on line and don’t know how to do and it’s not all connecting and you feel there is something you are missing, MLSP can help you market just like the leaders on stage starting right now.
1:40 The software, the community, the leadership, the branding, the developing you first and building relationships, multiple income streams with the primary goal of course building your network marketing business.

If you want to learn how to generate network marketing leads so you can build a a long lasting thriving business thyou need to learn about online and attraction marketing. If you aren’t using the internet to grow your business you are missing out on reaching hundreds and thousands of people who want what you have.
A hot prospect is not your best friend who wants nothing to do with your business. A hot prospect is someone who is actually looking for an opportunity or product like what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter how well you know the person. What matters is whether they are ready to join your team or be a customer.

When you first get started in network marketing in most cases you are not given a system or a platform to teach you how to generate leads to build a long term, thriving business. Most new network marketers are only taught to make a list of their top 25 prospects followed by their next 100. They you’re told to contact everyone on your list and shoot for 100 no’s. Who the heck wants to do that? I sure didn’t. It wasn’t comfortable for me. But let me be real honest here. At first I did do just that but only because I didn’t know any better. In fact, I went out and talked to everyone I could. You might call it ignorance on fire. I did okay and signed up about 30 people but then I took a wrong turn and started to micro manage my new “team”. What I didn’t realize and no one bothered to tell me is that people who joined my team didn’t join to get another “job” or to have another “boss”. My heart was in the right place as I tried to rally my troops but I failed miserable. Most of those people have long sign fallen off the radar and looking back I can totally see why. Just like I wasn’t give a system or a platform or real plan to follow, neither did they. I couldn’t give them one because I didn’t have one to give them.

And then I stumbled upon it…attraction marketing and online marketing to generate leads to build a thriving network marketing business. Wait…is it possible? Does something like this really exist? Yes it does and let me just say when you are attracting people by providing value and helping others it’s a whole new ballgame.

If you are committed to having a business and not just an opportunity you need to understand how to generate leads and the best way to do that is with online and attraction marketing. And while you are learning attraction marketing you will also learn how to brand YOU which most network marketers are also not taught. It’s important to your future as an entrepreneur that during this journey you are branding yourself.

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