Ambit Energy Training WOW!!!! Turn 1 to over 300 Leads: Network Marketing

network marketing
Some people think they don’t have anyone to talk to. Sometimes all you need is a couple of people to open the doors to a new market or just more leads. We all have a great opportunity all you need to do is a proper invitation. This works great!

If you are serious about Network Marketing even if your building your business very part time, than know this simple fact can be your game changer! I am blown away to find out that people don’t get referrals from each and every prospect. Think about, we all have X amount of people we know. Lets say you have 100 people on your list. Once you show all 100 people the presentation your list is done. Imagine for a second if every person gave you just 2 referrals. You know have 200 people. Look at the numbers if those 200 gave you 2 referrals each that 400 and so on and so on.

Here is what I say to get referrals after I’ve show the video, done a 3 way call with my up-line and they are interested but not ready to sign up.
“Prospect Name, Would it be worth 7-10 hour of your time if I did all the work. What I am saying is this. Lets say you gave me 10-15 names, you text them and let them know I’m going to call them, and I called them and invited them to take a look at the same video you just watched. Now if all 10-15 people said NO to the opportunity, you’d agree this is a complete waste of time, right? Well at the same rate what if out of those 10-15 people 2 or 3 said yes and signed up on the spot? You’d agree this business could be pretty profitable, wouldn’t you?”
“Can you put me on speaker phone? Ok great! Can you open up your contacts and just scroll through it real quick with me and see who pops up? So what 1 person did you think of immediately that you would want to show this business to? Who do you know who is who do you know who is fun, or positive, or a Realtor? Who is your insurance agent, the person who does your hair, the person who goes to the gym often? Who do you know who is a massage therapist, a doctor, lawyer, banker, teacher, someone who owns a restaurant, your best friend? Who is the most successful person you know?”

Text to send your friend…
Hey___ I started a project and I need your opinion. My partner is going to call you, his name is Justin Ledford. Expect his call soon.” If they ask what is it just text “It’s visual and can’t explain through text. He will call soon”

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