A Couple MLM Prospecting Tips – MLM Tips #31

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Here Are A Few MLM Prospecting Tips:

But first, here are the fundamentals to building your MLM business. This is essential to understand before jumping right in to prospecting.

1) Find People To Talk To – You must find people to talk to about your business opportunity – this is rule #1 in MLM Prospecting. You can find people offline, you find people online. Both methods DO work, but I feel Internet is a much more impressive and effective way to build a business. Target-Marketing is essential (see below).

2) Talk To The People That You Find – After you find people to talk to, you must talk with them. Most likely, they will have interest in either your business opportunity, your products, or both (assuming that you prospected in correctly). Simply share whatever it is with them that you wish to share.

3) Duplication – You will eventually sign up a few people and you must teach them how to do the same thing. If you just build a business on your own – it will be very difficult to grow your team. But you have a team who is doing the exact same thing you are, your team will grow exponentially. Be sure to teach them how to do exactly what you just did to find them. Prospecting is one of the single most critical parts of your business.


Key MLM Prospecting Tips

1:34 – Wants, Needs, & Desires (Helps determine your target-market [who wants what you have]) – Instead of just wondering around aimlessly, it is important to figure out who to talk with, specifically. Would you run up to little old ladies using a walker to get around, and prospect them? Do you think they want to start a business? Of course not. So why would you try to prospect them? You wouldn’t!

The reality is that you must understand what people want need and desire in order to determine who you should be talking to, whether online or offline.

I give an example of a beach ball. If you are trying to sell beach balls – you should be finding people who have a pool, live by the ocean or lake, live in sunny and warm temperatures, etc.. By targeting these type of people, you already have a better chance of them being interested in a new beach ball. Target marketing is essential. It saves time, money, effort, as well as energy.

Understanding a persons wants, needs, and desires are the most important MLM Prospecting Tip that I can give. Hope this helps.


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