6 Tips on Prospecting Cold Market Leads for Network Marketers I John and Nadya Melton

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6 Tips on Prospecting Cold Market for Network Marketers
John and Nadya Melton

As a Network Marketing professional, at some point you are going to run out of warm market.

Hopefully at some point you’ve talked to everyone you know about your business and even if you haven’t, maybe you want to fill sometime in your schedule with cold leads.

Let’s talk about cold market leads and how to turn them into warm market and then into business prospects.

Tips to Working Cold Market Leads Successfully:
1. It’s all about your mindset. Stop thinking that you are a sales person. You are a business developer. You must stop selling and start interviewing.
Use a duplicatable tool or process to present your business other than yourself. Always remember…

Simplicity equals duplicity.
3. Fill your pipeline. Talk to as many leads and prospects as possible. It usually takes 90 days to fill your pipeline.
4. Use a follow-system. Doesn’t it make sense to build a list of everyone you expose to your business?
5. Think long-term. Don’t be disheartened by a “not now”. There’s still tomorrow for you to connect with them. Keep the lines for communication active.
6. Connect with them on Facebook. When they know, love and trust you, chances are … they will upgrade themselves to do business with you!

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