5 Types of Posts To Engage Your Fans on Your MLM Facebook Fan Page

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Here are 5 strategies to help you increase fan engagement on your mlm facebook page, and help you generate more leads for your network marketing business.

0:01 MLM Fan Engagement Strategies Begin
1:19 MLM Facebook Fan Engagement Strategy #1
2:06 MLM Facebook Fan Engagement Strategy #2
2:59 MLM Facebook Fan Engagement Strategy #3
3:45 MLM Facebook Fan Engagement Strategy #4
4:31 MLM Facebook Fan Engagement Strategy #5
6:00 MLM Facebook Fan Engagement Bonus Strategy

There are certain types of posts that will get you more fan enagement than others. People naturally gravitate towards certain types of things, and the purpose of this video is to point out what a few of those things are.

Also, I can’t stress enough… pay attention to your stats! Facebook offers those insights for a reason… they can make ALL the difference in your facebook marketing!

But first, watch this video to learn the 5 ways to increase fan engagement on your mlm facebook page. By rotating between these five types of posts throughout the day, you’ll create a great flow of traffic and engagement on your mlm facebook page, and you’ll start bringing in leads as well.


If you are using facebook marketing for mlm leads in your network marketing business, you need to know how to increase engagement on your mlm facebook page.

And if you’ve been so close to giving up on using facebook marketing to generate leads for your mlm business, and on making facebook marketing strategies work as a tool for marketing and making money with your MLM home business, believe me… I’ve been there too.

I worked on my mlm facebook page for months, without generating any mlm leads, and without gaining any traction for growing my network marketing business.

Then I came across this awesome webinar that featured a regular person, just like me, generating thousands of leads from her mlm facebook page. She wasn’t a guru with loads of influence, she just put in the work and was getting the results.

After implementing her strategies, I took my fan page from just over 200 “likes” to over 800 in just a couple of weeks, increased my fan engagement from just a handful of people to over 250, and am now generating leads from my facebook marketing almost every single day.

The best part is, these facebook marketing strategies were simple! I could implement them almost immediately, and the results happened quickly too.

If you’re trying to build your MLM, network marketing or home business using facebook marketing, but struggling to get the results you want, be sure to register to watch this free video.


I love helping people with their business, so if you get stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask some questions. Another great resource for free training for your mlm business is on my youtube channel. I post updates there several times a week, and you can always find exciting new training strategies to help you generate leads and make more money with your mlm and network marketing business.

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