5 Tips to Generate Network Marketing Leads on Facebook for Free

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5 Tips to Generate Network Marketing Leads on Facebook for Free – http://antoniorthompson.com/5-tips-to-generate-network-marketing-leads-on-facebook-for-free/

Do you ever struggle creating network marketing leads?

Well, I am writing this article and sharing this video so you don’t have to worry about network marketing leads in your business again.

Here are a couple tips that I use daily to generate network marketing leads on Facebook for FREE daily.

5 Ways to Ensure You Never Run Out Of Network Marketing Leads

1. Post fun, cool, interesting post on Facebook to get engagement. Lifestyle photo’s, quotes – everything positive and portray a life others want to live

2. Get back to all your likes, comments, friend requests & follows by sending them a message.

3. Scroll through your newsfeed and interact with other friends of yours you would like to connect to.

4. Post value on your page for others to be able to connect with you.

5. Connect with 5 Green Dots on the right side of your home page. You know your friends. :-)

Facebook is about socializing and connecting. It’s not about selling.

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