5 Super Simple Steps To MLM Prospecting On Facebook

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Link to the webinar replay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ldxJhI233M

MLM Prospecting on Facebook made simple

Are you trying to build your MLM business by prospecting on facebook?

In today’s post, I share 5 simple steps to go about MLM prospecting on facebook the professionsl way.

A lot of network marketers are trying to build their business on facebook the wrong way.

They spam their link all over facebook. They have their company names and products all over their facebook profile.

You need to remember that people join people. So putting your company name all over does not really work.

I was watching a webinar yesterday on facebook prospecting and I learnt some steps to facebook prospecting.

I wanted to share my notes with you.

5 simple steps to mlm prospecting on facebook


You want to make your profile attractive. Have a smiling picture of yourself showing your face as your profile picture. It is called facebook for a reason., so make sure your face can be seen.

You can have the picture of your dream vacation spot on your cover pic or the picture of your family. Do Not put your company name or products anywhere on your facebook profile.

You want to fill the about section of your profile with as much details as possible. Still no company name or products in this section.


You want to identify your target market using the facebook graph search. You can target people by location, by likes, by interest etc. Determine who you want to work with and then use the search to find those people

Facebook MLM Prospecting Video

I share all the five steps in the video below

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