4 Easy Ways To Create 10 Network Marketing Leads A Day FREE

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Today I want to chat with you about getting 10 network marketing leads a day but doing it in four different ways, so listen up so I can teach you exactly how to do that.

There’s so many ways to get leads but I want to teach you four of them that you probably, maybe you use already. You might use them right now or you might be thinking about them and the number one way I get leads is Facebook.

No if, ands, or buts, this is how I get network marketing leads ever single day. In fact, I got a couple calls later this afternoon I created from Facebook. Some pretty crazy stuff. And how do I do that?

Network Marketing Leads The Easy Way

Number one, I create content. Obviously I have a good profile and it looks professional. That’s important but I create content meaning … I just shot a video sharing how I get so much done, sharing the scheduling thing that I use and above I say, “Schedule a free coaching call above.”

You guys could all do that as well. You can go to my profile right now, Facebook, it might be a day or two ago but you can go there and check that out.

I will write things to my target market. So when I write a post I’m thinking of one person. I’m thinking of typing to that person what they need for motivation today. That’s what I’m thinking about.

how to sell onlineStep three is reach out. I reach out and say, “Hey John, thanks for liking, thanks for friend requesting, thanks for commenting.” That’s a lead. That’s somebody that’s raising their hand saying, “Hey Terry, I need you.” That’s the deal.

The second way I get leads is Craigslist. I put a Craigslist ad up on Saturday. Amazing. We got probably 20 network marketing leads. I’m going to be calling them back today. I would’ve done it yesterday but my wisdom tooth got pulled and it was hurting a little bit yesterday but I’m telling you, I’m going to call them back today. Fifteen leads. This one was in Dallas so it costs money, but a lot of them are free. Use Craigslist.

LinkedIn, Professionals & Twitter — Network Marketing Tips

I love LinkedIn. In fact, today is LinkedIn day. I’m going to go to LinkedIn and go crush LinkedIn for an hour but my point is you have professionals on LinkedIn and LinkedIn is a place where you want to drive through connections. You don’t want to go out and reach out to somebody brand new.

You want to drive through connections and reach out to them. Once you do, just see if they’re open. They’re professionals, they’re looking for opportunities. See if they’re open. If they are, jump on the phone and chat with them.

The last network marketing tip is Twitter and Twitter’s really cool because the unique about Twitter, and every space, every different platform is different. That’s why it’s a different platform. On Twitter you want to reach out to other people that are already doing what your potential client would be doing based upon your product.

For instance, it might be a person that is already exercising, is already trying to lose weight, but not doing much good. So you can search for whatever they’re Tweeting. You could search for “treadmill” or “running” or “exercising” and reach out to those people that are much more inclined to take up on your health and wellness offer for more network marking leads.

how to recruit

I hope this helps guys. By the way, you only have two more days, as I’m shooting this video, to pick up Recruitopoly. It’s incredible. I actually teach you all four of those factors in live action. I teach you live how to go crush your business and how to recruit like a rock star, like a maniac.

If you’re on here live you’re going to get four new webinars to help you go to the next level and you’re going to get live dials and leads and objection handling. You’re going to get the whole nine yards. I mean, it’s really, really good. It’s amazing.

Anyway, you can pick that up at thehashtaghunter.com/2016, 2-0-1-6, or click on the link in the blog here and I will see you on the inside!

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