4 Easy Steps To Close More Network Marketing Leads

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One of the biggest questions I ever get and my buddy Darrell Kline asked it to me last. Is, “Terry, how do I recruit more people? Calling network marketing leads is difficult for me. I don’t know what to do.” I’m going to break it down in four simple steps for you so make sure you stay tuned.

Here’s the deal, calling leads or recruiting people into your company should be easy. The Number #1 thing you need to do is; take away whatever expectation you have. If you expect to enroll people … Let me digress. You want to expect to enroll people but don’t have pressure there. Don’t have stuff weighing it out on an outcome.

How To Easy Close Network Marketing Leads

Meaning if you recruit them you’re sky high and if you don’t you’re down here and your energy goes down. You don’t want that. You want to be, “Who cares?” You’re just the messenger, okay? You’re just the messenger. Whether they take that advice or not, you can’t change that. Don’t worry about that is my point. Network marketing tips will serve you to be greater!

Step Number #2; build rapport with them. Connect with them. Ask great questions. For instance; instead of saying, “Hey, what do you do?” You might ask something that inspires them. You might ask them, “What inspires you? What moves you? Why are you on this Earth?” Ask them questions like that. “Well, if you did know what would it be? What is your dream?” Stuff that gets them rocking. “What would you do if you could do anything in the world?”

Get them in that state of excitement and in that state of, “Let’s rock.” In the state of, “That’s my dream.” That five-year-old kid state, right? Get them there because nobody else asks them those questions. Their spouses never ask them, guaranteed. Almost guaranteed unless they’re schooled and personal development. I don’t think they know that stuff. Make sure that you understand that. Make sure you do that, okay? Because it makes a difference. It makes a huge difference on top of that.

4 Easy Steps To Close More Network Marketing Leads

Number #3 is; find a pain. Find a pain, okay? You need to find something that they’re … We do everything in life to run away from something meaning get away from pain or run towards pleasure, right? The one that’s way more powerful is run away from pain. Try to find a pain in their life. Time, they hate their job, they’re wasting their life, they’re not living … Me for instance; my pain was I felt I was wasting my life. Because I wasn’t contributing to where I wanted to.

If you have network marketing leads like that and you find that pain it’s easy to give them Step #4 as a solution. Then I just give them the solution. If I haven’t connected with them, okay? I don’t have any rapport with them then … Come on now, Why? I can’t ask them those questions, right? The Number #1 thing is have to connect with them first.

Step #4; just give your network marketing leads the solution. Let them know that you can help them. Let them know that you have a plan. Let them know that, are you open to blah blah blah? Get on the phone with them if it’s a social media lead and have a connection with them. Show them your deal. Now, they’re thinking of this as a solution to this pain over here. They’re not thinking of it as you selling them something.

Will this help you close more network marketing leads?

For more network marketing leads — http://thehashtaghunter.com/close-more-network-marketing-leads/

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