3 Ways to Get Leads for Network Marketing Business FAST!

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Get Leads for Network Marketing – 10 Quick and Easy Prospecting Tips & Training: http://mlsp.co/l2f1o

Hello its Seb here and in this quick video I’m gonna share with you how to get more leads for network marketing fast.

Now if you are on this video you are probably out there, you are looking to build a home based business and you have completely exhausted your warm market and you are just looking for ways to increase your leads for it. You’re trying to find ways to find new people every single day to talk to about your business.

Maybe you’re just frustrated with your job and you really wanna find that key person or these key people that are gonna provide you that freedom in your network marketing business to allow you to create duplication and I wanna share with you some very simple tips that are duplicable that pretty much anyone can do.

So first of all, Paid Traffic. You can very easily or very quickly get traffic to any website using paid advertising; so one example would be Facebook marketing/advertising to get leads for network marketing.

With Facebook advertising you can vary anyone with a Facebook account and open up another account that you can create an advert and they can drive traffic to their website literally within the hour. So paid traffic is a very quick way of generating traffic and leads very quickly

Number two is, Existing or Previous Customers. Now if this doesn’t apply to you then maybe just think about the time, maybe you have a friend or family member, maybe you have some kind of a business deal with them, even if it was something simple as, you know, your friend Jimmy; let’s say about a year ago you sold a DVD to him costing . Well that actually was some kind of business transaction.

There was actually some kind of business relationship at one point so that means if someone has bought from you, they are a lot more likely to buy from you again, if you treat them right the first time. So if that is the case then that person would actually be subconsciously more open to doing business with you because previously there was a transaction between the two of you.

Okay, so number three is, turn a question into a lead. So an example of how that works is, let’s say you’re out and getting your Starbucks, your daily coffee, and you see this new barrister you hadn’t seen before and he or she seems quite enthusiastic, quite chirpy, you know, really loves their job and is just great with people.

So let’s say when they finish serving you, the way you can actually apply this you can say to them, “I can’t help but notice you have some great people skills; have you ever considered being paid for these skills?” And that is a great way to turn a question into a lead. And if they said, “well what do you mean?” Maybe you could say, “Have you ever considered being an entrepreneur?” And that is turning a going to say, “Yeah, I’m interested” or “No, not interested.” If its yes, take down their contact info. If it’s a no then that’s fine, you move on to the next person and no arm is done. All you did was ask a question, very non-threatening and it works extremely well. So if you really like these tips to help you get leads for network marketing, if you click the link below, I’m gonna actually send you a webinar to your email which has ten more tips showing you how to get more leads and get network marketing leads quickly and a lot of them are offline.

You don’t need to have a lot of tech skills or even a computer for a lot of these to make them work. So if you click the link below you get access to that information and the more ways you have to generate leads the more ways you are gonna find the right people to join you in your business. So thanks for watching this video and make sure to click the link below. If you like the video, please share it, please comment and like it, share on google plus, subscribe I appreciate it.

10 Quick and Easy Prospecting Tips & Training: http://mlsp.co/l2f1o

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