3 Tips on MLM Prospecting From Todd Falcone with Amy Jo Neal at More Heart Than Talent 2010

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Amy Jo Neal: Hi, Amy Neal here with Todd Falcone, master mlm prospector and recruiting genius. I’m going to take full advantage of his presence here today and ask these questions that I know you want to know. OK, so Todd, can you tell my viewers here what are the top three mistakes you can make in mlm prospecting?
Todd Falcone: Whew! That’s a good question. Top three, you want me to stop at three?
Amy: No.
Todd: [laughs] I would say number one mistake is people actually don’t prospect enough. They think they are prospecting enough; they don’t understand the numbers aspect of it. Number two, when they’re actually prospecting, they spend too much time with the wrong people. They don’t listen; if you just use the two ears that God gave you and you pay attention to what people say, you can pick up on the very simple clues.
The third reason that people probably fail in mlm prospecting is they don’t work on that skill development. They’ve got to take the time to practice, and if you practice something over and over again, you’re going to get better at it.
It is a learnable skill and that’s the good news for everybody. It’s a learnable thing if you take the time to practice, put it into play, keep practicing.
Practice with your sponsor, practice by yourself, practice with your dog, your spouse, whatever you’ve got to do to sound better, you’re going to get better results.
Amy: One of the things I learned from you was not to get emotionally attached to your prospects. Can you talk a little bit about that?
Todd: Oh, yeah. What happens is people start putting prospects into their information pipeline and they’re all excited because they’re like, “Oh, I have a good one.” But then they make a follow up call, and they’re not there. That’s a clear sign that the person is probably not interested, but then they keep following up. I’m not saying don’t follow up, follow up is critical, but you have to pay attention to the clues that people are giving you. If they’re not showing up on a follow up call that they scheduled with you, move on, move forward because you’ll find somebody else who will, absolutely.
Amy: Thank you so much, Todd.
Todd: Thank you.
Amy: I really appreciate it.
Todd: Appreciate it.

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