3 Step Formula to Convert MLM Leads From Facebook

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3 Step Formula to Convert MLM Leads From Facebook – http://www.antoniorthompson.com/3-step-formula-to-convert-mlm-leads-on-facebook

When it comes to generating mlm leads, especially on Facebook, you must know how to convert them. If you don’t you’ll need 100 times more mlm leads because you aren’t efficient with them.

Today, I will be focusing on network marketing leads generated from Facebook.

3 Step Formula to Convert MLM Leads on Facebook

The way to convert network marketing leads you get from Facebook is actually simple. Here’s the 3 Step Formula I use.

1. Build Rapport. 

The bottom line is if they don’t like or trust YOU, nothing else matters. You need to get them to like you.

How do you do that? Especially on Facebook.

Give them a compliment. Did you notice something on their Facebook page that was interesting or unique? Tell them.

“Hey, Sara – Pretty awesome that you play the guitar. You must be an amazing musician.”

Then I ask questions to get them to talk.

“I also play an instrument, the trumpet. How long have you been playing the guitar?”

You simply want to get to know them, and by asking questions the resistance level is lowered and they’ll be more open to engaging with you.

This happens for about the first 3 – 5 messages.

2. Transitioning From Personal to Business.

This is key when converting mlm leads on Facebook. Most people skip step 1 and go straight for Step 2.

It is very easy to find out their why and what they’re struggling with through the personal questions you asked in Step 1.

They may tell you how busy they are or how they don’t like their job.. or they may say how they wish they had time and resources to take their family on a vacation.. whatever is you could say:

If I BLANK would you BLANK.

Like… If I was to show you something to get your time back with your kids, would you want to take a look at it?

Or… If I were to show you something that would allow to you get out of your job potentially, would you want to take a look at it?

See, if you give people what they want, they will want it.  Make sense?

3. My Lead System Pro or MLSP

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After we get that answer in Step# 2, I ask for an appointment.

It is really that simple.  After you tell them what they want, they will want to talk to you.

You then will say – what is a good time to jump on the phone and chat?

Very simple.

But, if you want to convert mlm leads, you MUST get on the phone with them bottom line!

If you don’t, your conversion percentage will be way way lower.

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