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So you join a network marketing company, and you don’t know where to begin. Well here are three critical network marketing tips to ensure you’re on the right track. The 3 network marketing tips are training and education, taking action, and attending live events.
0:35 – This First Tip Is Critically Important
2:15 – Without This Step You Will Fail
3:30 – The 3rd Tip That Will Get You Info Directly From The Source
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The first of our network marketing tips is to actively take part in the training process. Your company training is a great place to begin. There should be training on prospecting and recruiting, building rapport, what questions to ask to lead a conversation, closing the sale, and even mindset and personal development. This is maybe the second most important of our network marketing tips because, because having the proper training and education will give you a strong foundation to have success in your new venture. A quick thing to remember too is that your training is going to be ongoing. As you develop as a business owner and marketer, you’ll need to harness new skills all the time that will help you keep building your business.

Second on our list of critical network marketing tips is taking action. Taking action is profoundly important. More times than you know, a new marketer will get stuck in learning mode, and always getting ready to get ready. You must take immediate action on the principles and techniques you learn. Will you make mistakes? Absolutely! Will you mess up a time or two? Sure you will. God knows I sure did! The only sure way to truly create momentum and success is to take massive action. That’s why, in my opinion, taking action is the most important of our network marketing tips. Nothing happens in your business without you taking action. The phone doesn’t dial itself, and new team members don’t magically appear. You must put in the effort, and the results will happen!


The third and final of our 3 network marketing tips is to attend live events. There are always events going on for your network marketing company. There are also some major industry events that are held throughout the year. You owe it to yourself to get to the event. Let me ask you a serious question. Did you decide to become a business owner, and want to go at it half hearted? Would you go to a doctor that didn’t put furthering his knowledge of his field as a high priority? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is no!

Let me tell you why this is another of our biggest network marketing tips. At live events, you can meet company leadership, your upline and mentors, and get to network with teammates who don’t live in your local area. Oh, yeah, there’s also the training! At a live event, you’ll get the latest training on new products, compensation plans, and important business building skills. Talk about getting a ton of network marketing tips. You can’t afford to not attend the event.

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