233 Network Marketing Leads Overnight? Yep! Use this to Dominate TOP network marketing companies!

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A Dead simple network marketing lead generation strategy for massive FREE leads on complete auto-pilot
Craigslist training – http://clmasterblueprint.com

This method can be used for ANY of the TOP network marketing companies out there!
This is actually one of my best kept “secrets” I formerly used to flood massive amounts
of leads into my businesses using the power of Craigslist.

It’s a very simple and straightforward method:

1) Create an AD on Craigslist in the “general labor” gigs.
You’ll want to ask to hire a couple people for a task to be completed such as moving, yard work,
shoveling snow… basically ANY home labor job that you could use help with.

2) Tell them to email you because you don’t want your phone blowing up.

3) Wait at least a day and respond back to all of your leads (hundreds) with a pre written template
that explains you hired someone else but you know they really need help with some money.
This is where you’ll SOFT PITCH your mlm, network marketing, freebie or any other online business to them.

BOOM that’s it.

Done-for-you network marketing lead generation.

Now what I WOULD DO once you generate a consistent profit flow is outsource the email responses to
somebody on O-Desk or E-lance where you HIRE them to respond to your emails for you…
as this is SUPER time consuming.

This is a very valuable and incredibly simple to use method to flood your business with HIGHLY interested
potential network marketing leads because of the way you approach them.

This is what marketing is ALL about: getting CREATIVE and finding new ways to attract and convert potential leads.

Use this method combined with my Craigslist Master Blueprint and you’ll literally never have to worry
about network marketing leads or mlm lead generation EVER again.


You can DOMINATE any of the top top network marketing companies out there by doing this!

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source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLqyGKnlcsU

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